Our Story

Like many people affected by the COVID 19 pandemic; former farm boy turned Chef Jon Cleveland decided to try his hand at growing Microgreens in his little apartment in the Mile Ex neighbourhood of Montreal QC. After some months of growing various types of plants Jon started to think about how all this greenery could be an important fresh food source to his immediate community. 

The following months had Jon biking his greens around Montreal delivering to friends and colleagues in the area who shared a love for fresh local food. After this initial process Jon started developing a web platform for people to easily order the greens and the kernel of BunkerGreens; the direct to consumer Microgreens service was born. 

Over this trial period Jon worked on growing new varieties and developing various salad mixes, hoping to make Microgreens more accessible to a wider audience with the aim to replace sub par baby greens that are normally shipped from California. With a focus on local high quality food the business began to take shape.

In the fall of 2020 BunkerGreens received funding from a national entrepreneurial agency that gives loans to young entrepreneurs on their first venture. At this point Jon started looking for a proper space to start growing his business. It wasn’t long before a neighbourhood staple Soupson offered a space in their new storefront for this local food initiative. With the help of soupson and many other local people and businesses supporting the project Bunker Greens officially opened its doors on November 1st 2020. A direct to consumer service of Microgreens mixes that are so fresh that they are harvested and in the customers hands within 24 hours.

We are excited to keep this journey going, if you’d like to  follow along please check us out on  Instagram and Facebook.