The Chill has Arrived!

We hope everyone has been staying warm this last week as that famous MTL winter has started to work its way into the core of our bones.


Its been a pretty good week here at the Bunker. We had our largest harvest yet and are starting our campaign to get our product into some local stores in the villeray and mile end area of MTL. So keep an eye out at your local grocer for that. If anyone has any suggestions for places they'd like for us to supply to just let us know, we're always looking for ways that make it easier to get a supply of the freshness.


Many of you have joined our subscription service and we're excited about that! currently our subscription service notifies you with hyper link to renew each week and does not automatically debit your account. We figure this is the best way to operate until we hit the new year when we will have our grand opening. Thanks everyone for being early supporters of our budding business.


Stay warm and see you all soon!

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