Big Changes are coming!

Hello all!

First I want to thank you all for your support over the the past year and taking a chance on a small start up in Montreal. We have learned a lot over the year and have some big changes coming up to provide everyone with better products and better service in the year to come.

First we are announcing that we will have a new mix in the new year which is currently called "The Fresh Mix". When we launch this product we will be reducing our offerings to solely this product in the new year to help quality, production and because we think we've developed something really special. this mix will contain Sunflower,Sugar Peas, Speckled Pea, buckwheat, red and Triton Radish, and Fava. We believe you are going to love this mix more than anything you have tried yet. Also by reducing to this mix we will be able to provide some other exciting products in development early in 2021. 

As long time customers we would like to offer you the chance to try this product. Reply to this email with "yes id like a free sample" and we will set up a pick up or free delivery for you to try as a thank you, 

Also in the new year we will be switching to a solely Subscription model. If you want you can subscribe for either a weekly or biweekly service with the ability to cancel at any time. With the feedback on our current system we feel this is the best model to move ahead with and ensure top quality product and ease of ordering and receiving. we're excited to show you what we've been working on in 2021!


Thank you all and have a happy holiday!

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